Making a Video

In an attempt to have more ‘sticky’ content on my website (see previous post), I decided to set about making my first video. The recording part was fairly easy. I simply rested my iPad on the lid of my open sewing box which gave me just the right height for a close up of me (or rather my battered dish-washing hands) sewing, and pressed the red button.

images_take-2Nevertheless, the whole process did not turn out to be straightforward. I was too aware that I was being recorded and so I made mistakes! I forgot to breathe when stitching the lines of the Curlew’s beak – disaster! I decided to ditch my first attempt, start again, and forget about the fact that I was making a video. Success 🙂

Next came the editing. And that took ages! It was my first attempt at using iMovie and it didn’t go well. I couldn’t work out how to cut out sections of the 8 minute long video. And so I found myself searching for alternatives. Eventually I stumbled upon Movavi Editor 3 which was just right for my skill level. The editing tools were more intuitive and in no time at all I had a video of just over 3.5 minutes long……with transitions……and text 🙂

Adding music however was a little more difficult as none of the sample tracks available was appropriate. The link provided to download others was an expensive option, so once again I found myself searching for alternatives. I discovered Audio Network which allowed me to purchase just one track rather than take out a monthly/yearly subscription which I didn’t want or need. So, music chosen, downloaded and imported and I was good to go.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a start. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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