Fine Tuning ‘The Look’

The very talented Helen Jane from HJCrafts ( has just finished my new ETSY banner (above) and I thought I would share it with you. I’m really pleased with the way that my ‘look’ seems to be coming together – nice soft dusky estuary inspired colours with a crisp clean feel.

I have tried to make sure that this look is consistent across all three of my online shops as you will see from the screen shots below.







I now need to develop my range of products which I have made some progress with this weekend. The one item missing from my shops at the moment is my curlew cushion (see below).


This is because it has proven to be very popular in recent weeks and I have now SOLD OUT. I have an added difficulty in that I’ve also run out of the material used to make its wing. It’s a Japanese woven fabric – if anyone happens to know where I might find some I would be extremely grateful as I used my last piece today – designing my new Curlew Tea Towel 🙂 I’m very excited about this new design and am looking forward to seeing the final product when ready.

Look out also for larger versions of my appliquéd cushions – coming soon! I’ve been playing a little with free motion machine embroidery stitch and have ‘sketched’ smaller images of the appropriate wading birds (Avocets/Oystercatchers/Curlews) on the back cover.

Next step – Lapwings!