I wish…..

….I wish I could write. 

I wish I could write like Anthony Wilson. My aspirational writer. 

I wish I could write like Geoffrey Teece. My inspirational writer. 

I am waiting for my recently ordered copy of Mollie Makes ‘Guide to Blogging’ magazine to arrive so that I can learn how to write. It’s Sunday though – so it definitely won’t arrive today.

And yet I ought to know how to write. My cupboard is full of diaries/journals going right back to my teenage years. I have always written and yet….

This is different. This is ‘public’. I have the  same ‘block’ when it comes to writing academic journal articles. I can do the professional articles for teachers. I feel more at home with those. I know what it means to be a teacher. But I am still not sure what it means to be an ‘academic’. I don’t wear that title well. And I have no idea what it means to be a ‘blogger’. I do wish that magazine would arrive.

Did you ever read about a frog
Who dreamed of bein’ a king
And then became one?  (Neil Diamond – “I am, I said”)

Maybe that’s where I should start. Not a blog about a teacher who dreamed of becoming a lecturer…..(you see, I can’t even use the word ‘academic’!) and then became one…. because I didn’t ‘dream’ of it….it happened by accident…..but in the sense of a university lecturer who dreams of becoming a sewer.

That’s what my blog can be about. 

I think I know now how to start…….